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This page gives you an introduction to live events, including:

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Upcoming Events

  • Muscle Clocks: The Value of Synchronized Training, August 15, 2023. Allied Health Education
  • Timing Resistance Training: Programming the Muscle Clock for Optimal Performance, Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, Mississippi, Postponed.

Previously Recorded Webinars

What You Can Expect

During live events, here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. A conversational and interactive experience tailored to your intended outcomes.
  2. Access to resources that include, but are not limited to presentation materials and current supporting research.
  3. Follow ups conversations to ensure action items have been met.

About Me

I have spent my life in gyms and athletic training centers. With over 30 years of industry and academic sports sciences experience focused on muscle performance, I now devote my time to authoring books, continuing education programs, and delivering live seminars and webinars.

My favorite aspect of the field is resistance training programming methods. Why programming? It is where I can help others and best support the work of muscle performance experts. Over the years I learned that it is the intricate relationship between programming variables that excite me, and I love coming up with programming solutions to optimize performance outcomes. Programming is in the details and that is what I love! My motto is this:

“Programming is an intricate puzzle of infinite possibilities and details interacting with a human being – a dynamic, changing system.”

~ Dr. Amy

Speaking and lecturing since 1993,  I have delivered hundreds of live events to academia and industry. Authoring dozens of magazine and blog articles, training and education programs, and one book my content has reached a global audience in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and French. 

Suggested Topics

Muscle Clocks: The Value of Synchronized Training

Based on the book, Timing Resistance Training: Programming the Muscle Clock for Optimal Performance this seminar discusses the new science of muscle clocks. Participants are shown how to develop muscle size, strength, and power using methods that align muscle’s biological clocks with the master clock and other body systems to maximize muscle performance gains.

Combined Training: Evidence-Based Practice Strength and Conditioning Programming

This course shows participants how to build strength sessions to account for interference theory – muscle confusion at the molecular level. Packed with real world applications and sample routines, participants who finish this course will be able to design combined training sessions and programs effortlessly.

Rest and Recovery: Best Practices to Maximize Muscle Strength

This focused course covers new research on how to use intra-set and between set rest periods effectively during strength training. Also covers how to use intermittent rest (between day) and recovery periods to avoid overtraining and detraining.

Resistance Training Programming for Different Populations

This course shows participants how to design strength training workouts and programs for different populations with different abilities and goals. Based on recent research and using sample routines, attendees learn how to build safe and effective strength training programs for any athlete, client or patient.

High-Intensity Training: How to Program for Best Results While Avoiding Overtraining

learn how-to program high-intensity strength training workouts. Course examines the benefits of high-intensity training, common methods and how-to use them while maintaining a focus on the prevention of overtraining.

What Others Are Saying

“I have been privileged to have a professional association with Dr. Ashmore for the past 10 years, during which time she has impressed me with her unique ability to effectively bridge the gap between the scientist and the practitioner.”

Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, President and Chief Science Officer, American Council on Exercise

“Amy Ashmore is a superb educator, whose enthusiasm for her subject matter bubbles over and reaches everyone in a room. Amy has been writing and presenting for IDEA since 2002. She can get a fitness professional audience more engaged in the topics of biomechanics and physics than you could ever dream possible! She is an intelligent professional and creative teacher, as well as a generous and delightful human being.”

Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief at IDEA Health & Fitness Association

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