Thanks for stopping by. My blog below has easy and quick tips based on evolutionary psychology – why we do what we do – to change your life!

I am a mom, change speaker and author.  My mission is simple –  help people lead happier lives by understanding why we feel the way we do and do the things we do.

I write books, articles, and blogs and lead workshops designed to both entertain you and guide you through how-to use your emotions to success. Everything I write about is centered around evolutionary psychology – how our genes determine what we do!

As a young adult the loss of someone I loved to mental illness changed my life. As a career  psychologist I did the only thing I knew to do, and that was write about it. The book Three O’clock is about my experiences in boxing in the late 1990’s with a Cuban boxer I lost to mental illness. What I found during research for the book Three O’clock was a connection between flawed evolution and mental illness, and that motivated me to explore evolutionary psychology more. Three O’clock is a deeply personal book that I shared hoping to help others who have experienced something similar.

While writing Three O’clock I became interested in evolutionary psychology as it relates to self-improvement and business. After collaborating with the Zappo’s Holacracy team on a chapter for my a new book titled Rewire Your Brain, I now specialize in applying evolutionary psychology principles to self-improvement, leadership, management, and life practice.

Available for workshops and speaking engagements my mission is to influence as many people as possible to success and happiness.

Amy is a results oriented, transformational leader. Her friendly demeanor, strength of character and true role modeling behaviors makes others naturally gravitate her way. In my own experience, leaders need to inspire and get others to "buy into" new pathways to change. Amy has this skill and many, many more! She is a real asset to any person or organization!

John D. Moore, Career Counselor and Higher Education Specialist

Focus Your Dream!

blog_focusThis is a true story – my personal friend who we will call “Tony” and a man also known as the Las Vegas “Gentleman’s Club King” dropped out of Ohio University’s graduate program in mathematics and sunk his last $12,000 into his first club in Dallas, Texas. He eventually turned that rather modest investment of $12,000 into $80 million. And that was just the beginning. Over the course of the next few decades, he would do the same over and over again in Texas, Canada, and Vegas amassing a fortune, being featured on Lives of the Rich and Famous, and living a dream life.

What made “Tony” such a successful businessman? It was actually quite simple. He would sit quietly in meetings, apparently tuned out of the discussion and daydreaming. However, while he may have appeared aloof and unfocused, he was simply waiting to hear the one number that would lead to his financial position two, ten, and twenty years down the road.

Although as a mom now, I don’t see “Tony” or even speak to him I thought about his story as I struggle with my number one roadblock to success: FOCUS. Focus is a huge issue for a lot of us. Trying to figure out that one thing we should be doing or how we should define ourselves to separate ourselves from the pack and get where we want is hard! In working through this problem over the past year to redefine myself from sports & health sciences to psychology & neurosciences where I want to be I came up with a plan. It is called the 2-10-20 principle, and all it means is that you have to come up with a hard numbers plan you can execute.

First, write-down where you want to be in 2, 10, and 20 years from now. This part is a bit abstract and that is OK. In the next post, we will take the 2-10-20 principle and turn it into immediate action, but first, we have to figure out where we want to go. What is the goal? What is your dream life?