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As a mom I know the challenges that parents and students face with online learning, and I have solutions. My online learning journey started in 2004 when I designed and built my own continuing education website that I later licensed to American Council on Exercise. After that I taught online for College of Southern Nevada and American Military University System (AMU), eventually taking over the program director role for AMU in Sports Sciences and Management. With 12 years of experience in online learning I want to help parents, students, and businesses find success with online learning. My five step approach to online learning is the basis for the upcoming book Five Steps to Learn Online. This book makes online learning easy and fun, and also provides you with access to free college and professional education courses.

I am an online learning and program development expert. I hold a PhD in Kinesiology from University of  Texas at Austin. A career Professor, I have been public speaking since 1993 and have published over two dozen articles and books that have reached over 500,000 people in over 80 countries. An online media enthusiast, I transitioned over the past decade from content expert to digital learning and media enthusiast.

A regular blogger for PsychCentral and a fitness enthusiast, I live in Henderson with my son, Aiden, and our Chihuahua mix, Jimbug.

Available for workshops and speaking, I would love to hear from you.

Amy is a results oriented, transformational leader. Her friendly demeanor, strength of character and true role modeling behaviors makes others naturally gravitate her way. In my own experience, leaders need to inspire and get others to "buy into" new pathways to change. Amy has this skill and many, many more! She is a real asset to any person or organization!

John D. Moore, Career Counselor and Higher Education Specialist

Easy Tips for Online Learning Success

saber_tooth_catAnxiety researcher Robb Dunn at NC State suggests that we experience anxiety because our primitive ancestors were somebody’s dinner. They were under constant threat to be eaten by giant hyenas, cave bears, lions, eagles, snakes, wolves, saber-toothed cats, and even giant, predatory kangaroos! When you get anxious about something like a new online course or how-to use e-learning technology your primitive brain is signaling danger, threat! Anxiety’s function is to motivate you to take action to survive or thrive. The causes of anxiety are different now like technology, but the anxiety feels the same.

Anxiety is a primitive emotion that shows you care and drives you to take action, grow, and succeed. However, high anxiety interferes with learning and performance. To reduce anxiety and succeed at online learning here are easy tips to get you ready to take an online course.

Before You Start:

Tip: Check your system requirements like internet speed and browser.

Tip: Set your cookie, pop-up blocker, and security features ahead of time to allow for pops ups and links.

When You Land on a Course for the first time, answer these questions:

  1. Why am I here? Look for the course title and catalogue description (sometimes this is not there, but will be in the syllabus).
  2. Who is the human to contact for help? Name, Credentials, and Link to Instructor’s biography.
  3. How do I contact the human? Email, Phone, Hours, Office Address, Special Instructions.
  4. What is my Call to Action (CTA)? Establish your online presence by doing the Introduction discussion.
  5. When should I come back here? Daily.

By taking these easy steps before and on the first day of class, online learning is less anxiety provoking. Next, we will look at tips for success like reading the syllabus and establishing a solid, professional online presence.