In continuing effort to deliver to trainers, coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts the best in performance, we are proud to offer the following products and services:

The Book – 

Timing Resistance Training: Programming the Muscle Clock for Optimal Performance goes beyond periodization to guide readers through the premise of muscle clocks, and the manipulation of those clocks to control and improve muscle performance.

Timing Resistance Training shows you how-to:

  • Manipulate your internal muscle clocks to reach peak performance.
  • Improve performance and reduce muscle confusion with biomechanically-similar exercises.
  • Train your muscles to activate physiological systems for better performance.

Live Events –

Dr. Amy has over 20 years of speaking experience for both pros and the general public.

Consulting Services –

Consulting with small to large organizations and individuals within fitness and sports for over 15 years, Dr. Amy is ready to help you improve muscle performance.

Online Continuing Education –

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved education

Courses offered through American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Content Development and Remarketing –

Content solutions for education & training, social media, and publications