Wellness for Busy Professionals

Wellness WorkshopEveryone wants to be pain-free. This interactive time-tailored workshop improves back health. Over 80% of us have low back pain from standing or sitting. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that back pain alone costs US businesses around $200 billion/year. However, there are easy and safe solutions. Going back to her original training in Kinesiology at University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Amy shares flexibility exercises, fitness tips, and wellness habits designed to help you:

  1. Decrease back, neck, hip, knee, and shoulder pain
  2. Increase well-being
  3. Improve health
  4. Increase productivity

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Five Steps to Master Any Online Course                                                                           

In this workshop, Dr. Amy shows you how to easily master any online course while saving time and money. She pulls from what she learned during her 12 years of college teaching experience and combines it with tips and tricks to succeed with online courses and establish an online business presence. Based on the book Five Steps to Master Any Online Course and Dr. Amy’s Five F’s of online learning,  you are guided step-by-step to online learning success. Designed for students, parents, and businesses, Dr. Amy gives you easy tips and tricks to overcome common online learning obstacles. She provides you with access to free college courses and resources along with inexpensive professional and continuing education. Each participant is given exclusive access to the full e-book, containing over 55 pages of tips, tricks, and how-to guides to master any online course easily.

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Five Steps, the book, is a practical guide that shows you how to master any online course. It is designed for businesses, students, employees, and parents. A step-by-step guide, Five Steps shows you how to save time and money and successfully finish your online courses. In this e-book, you will learn how to access free college courses and resources, along with discounted professional education. This book shows you how to stay safe online and avoid being the victim of online education fraud. Finally, Five Steps helps businesses lower the costs of training and development while improving its effectiveness.

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