Programming: A step by step guide to designing world class sports and fitness programs. (E-book). Only 29.95 for 350 pages of programming how-to!

There is no reason for you to reinvent the wheel and spend countless, unpaid hours programming. In this programming e-guide, I have done it all for you!  Packed with over 350 pages of programming bullet points, dozens of programming plans and 100’s of individual workouts, including an award-winning 18-week professional boxing conditioning program. There are plans for everyone, ranging from a real 18 week professional athletics program and elite fitness to beginning fitness and kids, obesity, flexibility, and neurofitness!

Cardiovascular Training for Clients Who Have Obesity: A trainer’s guide to analysis, design, and execution. (E-book).

An easy, how to programming e-guide designed for personal trainers, group fitness instructors and health coaches who want to deepen their understanding of obesity-related biomechanics and brain changes as they relate to cardiovascular training. Packed with dozens of quick training tips and workout plans, you will learn how to:

Design and execute safe and effective cardiovascular training programs for clients impacted by obesity.

Modify cardiovascular exercises to address this population’s unique needs.

Start Training Now! Buy the cardiovascular training for obesity programming guide and download the PDF now for only $7.95.

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