Step-by-Step Programming Introduction

“Easy doesn’t mean cutting corners or not making the cut – it means working smarter, not harder and longer for the same outcome!”

~ Dr. Amy

Here are five quick programming tips:

  1. Start with a focus on the end goal(s) and outcomes.
  2. Simplify the process by narrowing your options to what you have available to work with and what is easiest for you.
  3. Stick with the 1st three weeks of programming only (duration of initial program set for you).
  4. Set your frequency of sessions.
  5. Establish your rest periods, both in session and between session.
  6. Choose your mode(s) of exercise for each session.
  7. Set your volume (how much) goals.
  8. Set your intensity (how hard) goals.
  9. Develop a few quick modifications in advance – obstacles will arise!

These are just a few tips to get you started with easy, safe, and effective programming. More to some soon!

~ Dr. Amy


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