Dr. Amy has appeared in over 50 media outlets including websites, newspapers, magazine articles, blogs, podcasts, and books. Below are just a few.

Dr. Amy was acknowledged for her work with professional boxers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.




Amy is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Media Spokesperson, serving as a health & fitness advocate. Amy is proud to further ACE’s mission to get people moving. ACE reaches over 3.7 million exercise participants annually, improving their quality of life directly. With over 4.7 million visits to ACE’s website and over 108 million people reached, ACE is a global leader in helping people get fit, lead healthier lives, live longer, and be happy!

Strength Training for Clients Who Have Obesity: A trainer’s guide to analysis, design, and execution

Designed for the ACE with fitness professionals in mind, Dr. Amy discusses the changes that occur in the brain when obesity is present and how to account for these changes when strength training.




cep82142Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching

Designed for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a professional fitness certification agency with over 58,000 members, Dr. Amy shows you how to use the three principles of force application that help you determine where to place your hands, what direction to push, and how much force to use when helping clients stretch. Stretch your clients safely and effectively using techniques for specific areas of the body.



Amy in IDEA_ mediaWith over 67,000 members, IDEA is a leader in educating fitness trainers worldwide. Dr. Amy has been writing articles for IDEA Health & Fitness since 2003 on topics ranging from strength training and biomechanics to health psychology. Her expert site with IDEA and articles have reached over 135,000 fitness professionals.  To view Amy’s articles on the IDEA website click here.


Amy in Psychcentral_ mediaFor Psych Central, Dr. Amy writes about current topics in psychology like online learning, how-to achieve your dreams, overcome failure, and turn negative emotions into positive change in your life.


Amy Ashmore for American Heart Association_mediaDr. Amy led a wellness session at an American Heart Association sponsored event for The Links, Incorporated. The Links is a 14,000 member organization. The organization is focused on empowering professional women of color to success. Dr. Amy is proud to support their mission and to have been a part of their 2016 annual event held at the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.





brainThink Your Way Fit,” Dr. Amy talks about how to visualize the muscles you are working to improve your fitness results.




Amy Ashmore_blunt_talk_mediaDr. Amy discusses common obstacles that get in your way to achieving your goals, She offered simple solutions to common fitness obstacles.



Amy Ashmore American Military University_mediaSports and Health Sciences with Dr. Amy Ashmore,” American Military University. Program Director Dr. Amy Ashmore describes why learning the business aspect of sports and health science is very important when getting your career started in the real world.



active-adults7 Dynamic Warm Ups,” Arthritis Today. Dr. Amy talks about the value of stretching after exercise to people with arthritis.




 Amy Ashmore Athletic Business Conference_media“How to Prepare Your Staff for Management Positions,” Athletics Business Conference. Dr. Amy describes how-to ready your staff for management positions in fitness, wellness, and athletics.



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