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Right after I graduated from UT Austin in late 1998 I met a Cuban boxer. And then I became a boxing manager, traveling to Mexico, matching fights we won decisively in Texas, and ultimately landing in Las Vegas. I was the manager, but I also loved the fighter, Mariano, who was knocked out in a fight at The Orleans arena on ESPN Friday Night Fights. One punch changed our lives forever. Mariano developed schizophrenia and has been living on the streets for over 15 years. The loss is immeasurable, and the book was a way to move on. I describe Three O’clock as a narrative nonfiction that is part romance, part contemporary boxing history, and part cautionary tale about the dangers of contact sports. Set in professional boxing in Las Vegas in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the story includes many famous faces of the past when the sport was unrivaled in both prestige and earnings.

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