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Amy Ashmore is a superb educator, whose enthusiasm for her subject matter bubbles over and reaches everyone in a room. Amy has been writing and presenting for IDEA since 2002. She can get a fitness professional audience more engaged in the topics of biomechanics and physics than you could ever dream possible! She is an intelligent professional and creative teacher, as well as a generous and delightful human being.

Sandy Todd Webster
Editor in Chief at IDEA Health & Fitness Association

About Amy

By education and professional history, I am a Sports Scientist with over 30 years of experience. My area of expertise is programming, specifically resistance training.  My mission is to help strength and conditioning coaches, fitness trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts achieve their personal and professional goals!


I am very excited to announce that my new book Timing Resistance Training: Programming the Muscle Clock for Optimal Performance (Human Kinetics) will be released in July. The book is about the discovery of muscle clocks and was written with the intent to help you use them to better achieve your fitness and sports goals.


The book has its origins in boxing. From 1997 to 2001, I worked with professional boxers in Texas, Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2000, my work with boxers earned me  he 3rd place of 411 trainers in Met-Rx World’s Best Trainer Competition. My professional experiences also include former Sport Sciences faculty at Florida State University and former Program Director for Sports Sciences & Management at the American Military University (AMU).


Honored to be a part of the sports and fitness profession, it has been a wonderful life in the gyms. Blessed to live in fabulous Las Vegas, I live with my son, Aiden. Our family also includes Jimbug, a precious Chihuahua mix and our cat, Minnie.


Dedicated to helping people achieve their sports and fitness goals, I am here to help you. Available for teaching, program development and assessment, workshops, and content development and delivery, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me by email at amyashmorephd@gmail.com.