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You can get an education for free nowadays. Online education is set up for you to have access to learn what you need quickly and effectively, and free in most cases. It is set up to help you avoid long degree plans, going for exactly what content you want, and as the buyer deciding if you find the product worth buying (after, not before you go through the course). It is fair. It is ethical. It is brilliant, and I will show you exactly where to go to get it and how.

Although there a numerous sources for free, legitimate education let’s start with my favorite, Coursera. Coursera,, is an education technology (ED TECH for short) company that offers massive online offered courses (MOOCs). Coursera offers MOOCs to the world for free through most major US universities. Founded by two Stanford computer sciences professors, Coursera and the idea behind it have grown into a monster, global industry. When I interviewed with Coursera in early spring of 2016 they had around 160 million unique users.

Now, your first thought, if you were like me, is how do they make money? The answer is quite simple: they sell optional certificates of completion. They allow you to decide if you want to purchase the course credit for a fee ranging from $49.00 to $79.00. The benefit to you of purchasing the completion certificate is that it shows employers you finished all of the course work and passed. The great thing is that you can do this at any time during or after the course. If you opt of purchasing the completion certificate, you simply take the course for free, get the knowledge you want, and move on.

Although I am most familiar with Coursera, it is not the only ED TECH offering massive online education or MOOCs to the world for free or a deeply discounted price. For now, I recommend exploring Coursera and next post I will share five more ED TECHS with different options with you.

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