The Secret Life of Muscles

Your muscles lead a secret life. Each one of your 600 muscles has a molecular clock that communicates with the other systems of the body and the outside world. And your muscles get confused just like you do. And all of this happens at a molecular level and impacts every single aspect of your life.

The newest thing in fitness and sports is taking programming to the molecular level, literally! My mission is to tell you how to maximize gains using the secret life of your muscles to your advantage.

Before we start, there are five guiding principles that make-up molecular programming that we need to cover. These are:

  1. Molecular clocks are the answer to fitness and sports success.
  2. The time of day and type of your workouts must be aligned with your individual sleep-wake-activity patterns, your chronotype, for optimal results.
  3. Your molecular clock(s) and body systems must be synchronized to maximize gains.
  4. Rest and recovery are equally important to your training sessions.
  5. To truly change, there will be pain (and you will get through it and emerge stronger). Programming is tough, tedious process that I love!

More to come on how to program using molecular clocks and anticipation training….


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