Fitness Professionals: Solve psychological mismatch and see your business explode!

Rule #1: Clients want to connect.

People want to connect to each another. We are social. But the fitness industry is not using that to our advantage. Instead, we are over intellectualizing and under emotionalizing, and we have lost contact with the general public. Estimates place us reaching only 12% – 20% of our communities while 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. The psychological mismatch between fitness professionals and the general public is a factor reason. There is a mismatch between our expectations, goals, and values and theirs. What we see as important the general public does not. What we see as interesting they do not. What we see as motivating factors they do not.

The problem is that we rely on a connection with the general public for income. We have to figure out what the sources of mismatch are between us and them and how to solve the problem.

Common Mismatch Sources

Unreachable goals: Goals that we cannot reach because they are unrealistic. The fitness industry perpetuates unreachable goals! How many times have you seen staff promise unrealistic ‘weight loss’?

Rumination: people tend to go over and over things in their head. The thoughts of ‘what-if, should have, and would have’ drive people to depression and anxiety. If someone failed with fitness in the past, they are playing it like a broken record. It is a significant source of stress and an emotional roadblock to success that you must overcome. If you can solve this problem, a client will stay with you.

Emotional Toxins: people show up in gyms with toxic thoughts about fitness, gyms, and staff. You have to retrain their thinking about fitness and how-to change their lifestyle without them being aware.

Align Expectations, Goals, and Reality

Over my 30 years academic and field career the number one problem that I have seen trainers struggling with is setting realistic goals and then alignment of those goals with the sessions and program. This is the number one most important skill a trainer must have, and it is the number one source of mismatch. Goals must reflect the client, not you. Ill-conceived goals and poor goal alignment will cause disconnection between you and your client faster than anything else you can do. This workshop will show you step-by-step how to establish goals and align them to connect you to your client.


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